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What needs doing?

From: Ivan Jager
Subject: What needs doing?
Date: Sat, 19 Mar 2005 01:50:15 -0500 (EST)

Ok, we realize now that it is too early to try to port a filesystem to Hurd/L4.

Neal told us there were other things that do need doing, like implementing the capability copying protocol (without death notifications for now), or working on how to do block transfers. We think we know enough to about capabilities. We decided that would be a good project. Given the recent discussion on #hurd-l4 about the security issues in the current capability system, we are wondering whether it would still be something useful to do. (Because if we are going to have a capability server, the protocol would be completely different, I think.)

Basically our problem is that we have 6 more weeks till the end of the semester, and we are back to needing something to implement. So we have a few questions: Would it still be useful to implement the capability transfer protocol described in ipc.tex? If not, is there anything else we can work on, that has a fairly well defined spec, and would actually be useful?

Ivan and mbrewer

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