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Re: Generic bootinfo implementation

From: Alexandre Buisse
Subject: Re: Generic bootinfo implementation
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2005 23:02:24 +0100


I eventually managed to get the patchs done. There are three of them
for the specific parts : the libl4 one, which is a standalone, the
laden part (replace multiboot_info in KIP->bootinfo by the
corresponding generic_bootinfo) and the wortel one (read
generic_bootinfo instead of multiboot_info). The last two should be
applied together or wortel will crash when trying to read  from the
bad structure (I can make a workaround as the multiboot_info is not
deleted, if needed). The generic_bootinfo is set at the arbitrary
address of 0x30000 (see ia32-btinfo.c) which did seem to work without

Currently, we only use info about the loaded modules before deleting
the multiboot_info and generic_bootinfo in wortel.

The patches have been tested in qemu and worked right. The Generic
Bootinfo is now available in KDB but not the command lines (I took a
look at it and it seems that it comes from the pistachio code using
the wrong address in KDB for the command lines but I did not
investigate further).



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