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small libl4 fix

From: Glen Kaukola
Subject: small libl4 fix
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 13:45:49 -0800
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Hey there,

Here's a patch to fix a small typo in libl4/l4/compat/space.h.

Also, I was wondering about L4_eXecutable and L4_ReadeXecOnly in that file. Maybe those are typos as well? Seems to me like if you go with the way everything else gets named, they should be called L4_Executable and L4_ReadExecOnly respectively.

diff -Naur hurd-l4/libl4/l4/compat/space.h hurd-l4-fixed/libl4/l4/compat/space.h
--- hurd-l4/libl4/l4/compat/space.h     2005-02-23 13:24:22.275638097 -0800
+++ hurd-l4-fixed/libl4/l4/compat/space.h       2005-02-23 13:29:10.219079279 
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
 #define L4_Readable            _L4_readable
 #define L4_Writable            _L4_writable
 #define L4_eXecutable          _L4_executable
-#define L4_FullyAccessible     _L4_fullly_accesible
+#define L4_FullyAccessible     _L4_fully_accessible
 #define L4_ReadWriteOnly       _L4_read_write_only
 #define L4_ReadeXecOnly                _L4_read_exec_only
 #define L4_NoAccess            _L4_no_access

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