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MIG on L4/hurd?

From: Matthew T. Brewer
Subject: MIG on L4/hurd?
Date: Mon, 14 Feb 2005 04:36:39 -0500 (EST)

What are the plans for interfaces to filesystems etc. on L4/Hurd. I was looking at how hard it would be to port a filesystem (and the necicary fs libraries) from Mach/Hurd, and I realised that I don't know if you intend to use MIG or not for defining the messages for IPC system. There's also IDL4 written for defining IPC protocols on L4. Are their plans to use some such system for defining messages?

Apparently MIG is rather large. Realizing that there are significant differences in Mach/Hurd and L4/Hurd IPC, I don't really want to port MIG, but if that's the next necicary step towards having an actual filesystem on L4/Hurd I would deffinitly consider it.

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