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hurd-l4 on Bochs

From: Ayan Chakrabarti
Subject: hurd-l4 on Bochs
Date: Sat, 12 Feb 2005 17:19:37 +0530
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I'm really sorry about bothering everyone again,

I went through the whole procedure at


and just replaced the qemu stage with a bochs one. I had some trouble compiling (as I mentioned in my previous post) - which I fixed with a typedef int clockid_t; in pthread/pthread.h in the hurd-l4 source.

A couple of things I did differently from the document were,

1. The make process didn't seem to strip any of the binaries (laden, etc). So I ran strip on them myself - especially since they didn't fit on a floppy otherwise.

2. The install -s task/task /l4/boot/task, etc lines seem to be redundant since make install does that by itself.

3. And of course, I used bochs instead of qemu, redirecting com1 to a pts.

The boot process goes up to laden saying its entering the main kernel - but seems to stop there. And then bochs reboots and panics with,

00025223982i[BIOS ] FATAL: floppy recal:f07: ctrl not ready
00025224281p[BIOS ] >>PANIC<< BIOS panic at rombios.c, line 1558

The serial output is,

laden:main: laden 0.0
laden:debug_dump: Booted by GNU GRUB 0.90-os
laden:debug_dump: Memory: Lower 639 KB, Upper 31744 KB
laden:debug_dump: Module 1: Start 0x197000, End 0x1c1c15, Cmd /boot/ia32-kernel
laden:debug_dump: Module 2: Start 0x1c2000, End 0x1d3bca, Cmd /boot/sigma0
laden:debug_dump: Module 3: Start 0x1d4000, End 0x1dcfb8, Cmd /boot/wortel -D -o serial,uart1,speed=9600
laden:debug_dump: Module 4: Start 0x1dd000, End 0x1ed874, Cmd /boot/physmem
laden:debug_dump: Module 5: Start 0x1ee000, End 0x1fff1c, Cmd /boot/task
laden:debug_dump: Module 6: Start 0x200000, End 0x212b18, Cmd /boot/deva
laden:debug_dump: Module 7: Start 0x213000, End 0x224f1c, Cmd /boot/task
laden:debug_dump: Module 8: Start 0x225000, End 0x2317c4, Cmd /boot/ruth
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 1: Type 1, Base 0x0, Length 0x9fc00
laden:debug_dump: Memory Map 2: Type 1, Base 0x100000, Length 0x1f00000
laden:loader_add_region: Protected Region: laden (0x190000 - 0x195b84)
laden:loader_add_region: Protected Region: grub-mbi (0x3eaa0 - 0x3eb00)
laden:loader_add_region: Protected Region: grub-mods (0x26d20 - 0x26d80)
laden:loader_add_region: Protected Region: grub-mods-cmdlines (0x2049 - 0x20ae)
laden:loader_add_region: Protected Region: kernel-mod (0x197000 - 0x1c1c15)
laden:loader_add_region: Protected Region: sigma0-mod (0x1c2000 - 0x1d3bca)
laden:loader_add_region: Protected Region: rootserver-mod (0x1d4000 - 0x1dcfb8)
laden:loader_add_region: Protected Region: kernel (0x100000 - 0x143b2c)
laden:loader_add_region: Protected Region: sigma0 (0x40000 - 0x483a0)
laden:loader_add_region: Protected Region: rootserver (0x300000 - 0x30a290)
laden:kip_fixup: KIP found at address 0x117000.
laden:kip_fixup: Sigma0: Low 0x40000, High 0x483a0, IP 0x41c00, SP 0x0
laden:kip_fixup: Root: Low 0x300000, High 0x30a290, IP 0x300000, SP 0x0
laden:kip_fixup: Memory Map 1: Type 4/0, Low 0x0, High 0xfffffffffffffc00
laden:kip_fixup: Memory Map 2: Type 1/0, Low 0x0, High 0x9f800
laden:kip_fixup: Memory Map 3: Type 1/0, Low 0x100000, High 0x1fffc00
laden:kip_fixup: Memory Map 4: Type 4/0, Low 0xa0000, High 0xefc00
laden:kip_fixup: Memory Map 5: Type 2/0, Low 0x1000000, High 0x2000000
laden:kip_fixup: Boot Info: 0x3eaa0
laden:main: Entering kernel at address 0x143000...

Is this a problem with bochs (which is why everyone seems to be using qemu) or does it have to do with me stripping the binaries manually ?



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