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Re: [PATCH] iso target for Makefile

From: Derek Davies
Subject: Re: [PATCH] iso target for Makefile
Date: 11 Feb 2005 13:04:01 -0500
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Bas Wijnen <address@hidden> writes:

> Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
> >    I tried using install-strip, but it is broken so I strip the
> >    binaries after they are installed. :( (install-strip fails on
> >    wortel/starter, and I don't know how to tell automake to not
> >    install it. Taking starter out of boot_PROGRAMS causes autoreconf
> >    to complain loudly, although it still compiles...)
> >
> > Hurd/L4 is really Marcus' territory, so he better answer this one
> > since I have no clue whatsoever what kind of blackmagic he has put
> > into the autoconf/automake scripts. :-)
> wortel/startup is the startup code for task and everything after that.
> (That is all except physmem.)

Actually I think wortel does start physmem.  It's just that physmem is
"special" and the way it's started is different from the rest of the


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