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Lowering the bar.

From: justinemmanuel
Subject: Lowering the bar.
Date: Wed, 9 Feb 2005 15:24:31 +0000

As I have been hearing the discussions about maybe creating an ISO or being
at the bottom of a HUGE learning curve, it excites me. It excites me that
people are having this type of discussion. A little while ago I posted a
question about the state of the project and how to run it in an emulator.
A little while later a new page was up. Excellent! the bar is being lowered
already. I agree that the documentation needs to be increased. ( I have 
no idea what an F page is!) But there is already a good starting point. I
try to keep a list of all the posts that I have recieved. I intend to develop
an outline understanding of whats going on then writing it up and posting
it. So that the next time you are asked, what is deva? You have it listed
on wiki or something. Understanding is lowering the bar. Even if understanding
that I can only help with documentation. At least this will help a kernel
hacker get up to speed quickly, and keep you guys from continually answering
distracting questions.


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