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Re: Hurd/L4 as a class project

From: Doug Jones
Subject: Re: Hurd/L4 as a class project
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 22:31:18 -0800
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Alfred M. Szmidt wrote:
   It's relatively inaccessible _to me_.  I do understand enough about
   the Hurd to see the value of the thing, but gazing at its internals
   makes my head hurt.

And this prevents you from hacking on other parts without bothering
about the internals how exactly?

   Can we stop now?

Sorry, but I really can't, I hate this thread more then you, but it
tends to come up once or twice a year, and I'm quite sick and tired of
it.  I atleast want to figure out what the "problem" is, so that a
solution can be crafted.

Well we all have different problems... If you ask other people what the "problem" is, you might get a lot of different answers, perhaps including answers that neither one of us would find reasonable.

For me, mainly, time. Currently I spend about ten minutes a day skimming various Hurd lists. Regrettably, that's about all the time I can afford for the Hurd at this point in my life. Maybe that will change someday.

I spent quite a bit more than that today, but that's not likely to happen again soon. Oh well.

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