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Re: Hurd/L4 as a class project

From: racin
Subject: Re: Hurd/L4 as a class project
Date: Tue, 08 Feb 2005 01:28:04 +0100
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Marcus Brinkmann <address@hidden> writes:

> (Mathieu will hopefully agree, though, that we are able and
> happy to hold hands if we march in lock-step).

The Hurd hackers community indeed is very friendly and welcomed me,
despite all the time I take away from them. So thank you, Marcus and
Neal.  I think I begin to know a little amount of things, so you could
ask me for some questions, and I hope that it will prevent them to be
disturbed in their work.

>> Secondly, I know that Mathieu Lemerre has been doing a fair
>> amount of work on Deva. I'm wondering if it would be better to stay
>> out of the way and try and work on something else, or if he could use
>> the help. If we want to write device drivers, first we need an
>> interface layer to write for.
> From my point of view he was working on IPC issues, and only
> implements one use of it in deva right now.  I don't know what he
> wants to work on next, though, as the support for string items seems
> to come to a first successful conclusion (I just need to review and
> apply the patches).

Neal told me to think about the device driver framework before he
left, but I don't know much about device drivers, and I'm not
particuliary interrested in it (even if I can work on it if you need
me to), so there is no problem for me if you want to work on it.  Note
that Daniel and Peter are responsible for the device driver framework,
though, so maybe you should work with them.

Now I return to work : Marcus is still waiting for my patches :)


P.S: please note the 2 t in Matthieu

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