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Re: qemu booting of hurd/l4 how-to

From: Alexandre Buisse
Subject: Re: qemu booting of hurd/l4 how-to
Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 01:50:35 +0100

On Sat, 5 Feb 2005 13:52:41 +0100, Thomas Schwinge 
> But then I'd suggest to remove the original page as it's not advisable
> to have two pages with the same content - two pages which will probably
> get modified independently from each other.
> The same problem already exists (at least IMHO) for the Hurd
> Installation Guide:
> There is Neal's original version (which is linked from the official
> GNU/Hurd pages and is found first when googling for 'Hurd Installation
> Guide')
> <URL:http://web.walfield.org/pub/people/neal/papers/hurd-installation-guide/english/hurd-install-guide.html>
> and there is the actively maintained Debian version
> <URL:http://www.debian.org/ports/hurd/hurd-install>.
> Someone only looking at GNU's Hurd pages will never see the corrections,
> improvements and additions applied to Debian's version of nearly the
> same document.

That's ok with me.
However, I think I'll keep the copy on my web-site with a link to the
gnufans wiki saying it must be the last version (and try to keep it
up-to-date, of course). I guess no harm could come from it, does it ?



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