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Re: Status of project?

From: Marcus Brinkmann
Subject: Re: Status of project?
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005 15:40:34 +0100
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At Wed, 02 Feb 2005 01:12:44 -0500,
"B. Douglas Hilton" <address@hidden> wrote:
> So, how much longer before Python will build on L4-Hurd?    :-)

If you mean "building" as in "compiling it", that should be possible
as soon as we ported the dynamic linker, or at least made sure the
dynamic linker "builds" (ie, "compiles"), if python can be cross-build.

If you mean "building" as in "compiles _and runs_", then we are
talking about a much longer time-frame :)

With my glibc port, I can already build simple applications, but most
won't run because they need a filesystem or other gimmicks (like, uhm,
fork and exec), and I only have stubs (dummy functions which always
return an error) for that now.

So, for the time being, a measure of progress is what functionality is
implemented: drivers, filesystem, signal processing, process
management, etc.  Luckily, we have so much existing knowledge to draw
from (the Hurd on Mach source code, for example), that I am carefully
optimistic that progress can kick in very quickly once we have sorted
out some fundamental (low-level) design issues and got a sufficient
understanding of the details of the system.


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