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Re: What is Hurd-L4?

From: Bas Wijnen
Subject: Re: What is Hurd-L4?
Date: Sat, 25 Sep 2004 23:47:35 +0200
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Leonardo Pereira wrote:
I wan't to know what exactly is Hurd-L4?

It is a project to port the Hurd to L4.

But this port is whith the original code, with a new code or is just a "server" 
that permits original hurd servers run in L4?

L4 is used as the microkernel, not Mach. The servers which are very close to the microkernel (and which mostly don't exist for mach AFAIK) are written from scratch. Other parts of the system will be used without much change. However, at the moment there isn't much code written, so the "other parts" don't work yet.

If you want to help, please do! Get the "hurd-l4" module from the hurd cvs and read the docs in there as a start. After that, you can read the code and try to boot it. Then find something that interests you and (help) build it :-)


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