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Task server, physmem, pagers

From: Bas Wijnen
Subject: Task server, physmem, pagers
Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2004 00:10:44 +0200
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I have some questions again, related to my task server implementation (which
is still nonexistant):

Am I right that physmem is just doing (per page) malloc and free for tasks, by
mapping memory to them?

Should every task start its own pager?  If so, should the task server start
pagers for itself and for physmem when it boots?  Why doesn't wortel start
physmem's pager?  It starts its worker threads as well, after all.  Speaking
of that, I think I would like it better if physmem would have to ask wortel to
do that, instead of wortel just giving 3 extra threads.  A different physmem
implementation could need more or less threads, and it doesn't sound right to
me if wortel needs to be changed for that.  Anyway, the first goal should be
to get a booting system at all I think, so I wouldn't give that a high

Just to be sure, (a begin of) the bootup timeline as I see it:
- L4 starts sigma0
- L4 starts wortel
- wortel starts physmem
- wortel helps physmem boot, providing threads, giving it memory, etc
- wortel starts task
- wortel passes physmem's task capability to physmem
- task uses physmem to start its worker threads for its capability server
  (physmem already has its task server cap, so task doesn't have to be
   operational for this)
This is the point where I was hoping to be after the task server is ready.


PS: Did anyone look at my (improved) patch[1] yet?

[1] http://lists.gnu.org/archive/html/l4-hurd/2004-06/msg00004.html

There are still some other things to do, so don't think if I didn't fix
your favorite bug that your bug report is in the bit bucket.  (It may be,
but don't think it.  :-)  Larry Wall in <address@hidden>

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