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Problems with hurd-l4

From: Luis Araujo
Subject: Problems with hurd-l4
Date: Fri, 28 May 2004 12:44:28 -0400
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Im testing the CVS sources of hurd-l4, it keeps showing some error messages...... well, i know i cant expect too much of it yet, but i want to know if this is unusual and how t fix it if possible.

This is my menu.lst

title The GNU Hurd on L4
root (hd0,0)
kernel /l4/hurd-boot/laden -D -o vga
module /l4boot/test/ia32-kernel
module /l4boot/test/sigma0
module /l4/hurd-boot/wortel -D -o vga
module /l4/hurd-boot/physmem -D
module /l4/hurd-boot/physmem
module /l4/hurd-boot/physmem
module /l4/hurd-boot/physmem
module /l4/hurd-boot/physmem

I get the following error:

add_unused_area: add region 0x2046 with size 0x14
Protected Region: wortel (0x300000 - 0x309320)
Protected Region: physmem-mod (0x214000 - 0x31ae98)
wortel: error: physmem - mod (0x214000 - 0x31ae98) conflicts with wortel (0x300000 - 0x309320)

Just after that, i get a kind of > prompt , seems like a debugging prompt, is this what i should get???
what exactly should i get with these sources????

Are those errors, or thats normal??? .....

         -- Luis

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