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Re: Hurd questions

From: smoerk
Subject: Re: Hurd questions
Date: Sun, 09 May 2004 11:37:01 +0200
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please, stop this.

what you are writing is load of bullshit. do your homeworks first (hint: google "pistachio l4", download documentation, read documentation, read license, read opensource.org, if you like google "gpl compatible license").


José Salavert Torres wrote:
By a DOS machine! It will save your mind!!!

No man, don't surrender!

If you want to listen my opinion I don't like pistachio license.
It's not GNU/GPL, so they don't seem GNU people, so I expected something like that.

I saw a manual, but was for the old API, that's not good.

Why gnumach was considered deprecated?
Has Hurd different levels?
        1- A generic part which doesn't change.
2- A different part that changes to interact with different microkernels. If source code it's so difficult to understand but we have the references, is it possible to make our own L4 implementation of the L4?, with everithing documented? Something like GNU L4.

If they don't want to cooperate, then we should make our own work.

I think documentation is the most important for GNU sotware.
Hurd page isn't actualized.  Why?
No links to diagrams there, no project goals, no functionalities, no "to do" list.
No explanation about how to start.

It is possible to make a minimal, simple and working microkernel to run hurd and develop/expand a generic part of hurd, and last, when improving, porting or changing microkernel change only the microkernel and the part of hurd that talks with it?

GNU Mach can make this jod while developing the GNU L4 implementation?
It is possible to take Pistachio understood and documented source and make it gpl?

Should we make the hurd run on different microkernels or make especific microkernels for the hurd? What is better?

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