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Re: Working on the ddf

From: Daniel Wagner
Subject: Re: Working on the ddf
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2004 12:08:57 +0200
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Ciao Marco

> As I told you before I want to help you and Peter with the ddf.  

Cool.  We need definitely help :)

> I am mainly interested in working on low level stuff at the moment.
> So think about stuff that has to do with L4 and device access, the
> libc task seems less interesting.  But of course that is a part of
> the task, so I can add things that that I need.

My main focus is to get the basic framework ready for writing drivers,
such as the pci root bus driver.  Unfortunately, there is still lot of
things to do before we can start writing drivers.

> If you would not mind, I'd like to work on deva or help with that.

That's great.  Deva is quite crucial and needs special attention.  I
haven't done much on deva because I was waiting for Marcus to
finishing the libhurd-server-cap thing.  Furthermore, I haven't
figured out how exactly the ddf-archive (driver archive for
bootstrapping) to hand over to deva.  If you like to work on this, be
my guest. 

> Also the threading library seems interesting.  All that of course
> needs to be done simultaneously.

The threading library should be finished writing but needs debugging
and lots of fixing.  But before we can start with that, deva and the
default plugin manager (dplm) must be written in large parts.

Right at the moment I'm doing some work on dplm. 
> Can you please check in the work you have done so far (somewhere?) so
> it will be easier to work track the progress?  

That's on the todo list.  Marcus has agreed, that we can use the hurd
project space for a starter.  Later, if needed, we can still move it
to another project (assuming the sv admins can do that).  Something
which we have not decided yet is the project name.  Until now it's
just called DDF which is a rather generic name.  Do you have a good
proposal?  As soon we have a good name I can check it in on sv.

> Can you also tell me if it would be ok if I would start working on
> deva?

Please go ahead. 


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