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From: address@hidden
Subject: FragmentDesign.com
Date: 29 Jan 2004 20:31:29 +0100

Special offer

Let me introduce Fragment Design company to you.
Our company has been founded by designers who were sick and tired of all those vast web template stores who are willingly selling same templates over and over to their clients and are making profit on exactly the same thing. Do not get confused by cheap prices that theses templates are sold at. Remember that it is you company that will contribute from the web design and even more importantly your clients.

Do you really think that having the same design as somebody else , it might even be your competitor will attract you more clients ? We really doubt that.

That is why fragment offers its finest selection of templates which are sold only once to one client and then they are taken off our offer therefore you will never end up in a situation where you web page design can be found on different places on the internet. We give you the uniqueness that you can find nowhere else at very affordable prices.

FragmentDesign.com is currently looking for partners who would be interested in providing their customers with an added value service in a form of a web site template that they can purchase. Do not get confused by the commonly used affiliate or referral systems.

What we offer is a partnership where we provide you with top quality web site templates which you can resell at your chosen price to your clients without having to mention fragmentdesign.com at all. All of our partners receive a common price of 299 USD per any unique web site template that we offer.

This means you will save up to 200 USD on each template and furthermore you can set your own price at which you will resell the template to your clients while being confident that the unique web site template will not be used anywhere else as we are sure you already know our templates are sold only once.

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