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Re: physmem, simple containers

From: Stefan Götz
Subject: Re: physmem, simple containers
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2004 09:06:00 +1100

> This entails that physmem needs to map in all physical memory
> into its virtual address space.  It's just most convenient to do this 1:1
> for two reasons.

There are at least two scenarios where this is not possible. First, it
won't be too long before people stick more than 3 GB of RAM into their
32-bit machines. Second, PCI devices can map their control registers
into 'physical' memory space at addresses above 3 GB (e.g. my network
adapter). It's not a problem to request this memory from sigma0 but you
obviously can't map it 1:1 (but maybe you do not intend to manage this
memory with physmem anyway).


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