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Re: Bochs + Hurd/L4

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Re: Bochs + Hurd/L4
Date: 19 Jan 2004 11:58:32 +0100
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"Ludovic Courtès" <address@hidden> writes:

> Basically, I managed to get Pistachio 0.[23] running using an October
> 2003 Bochs snapshot and building it with the following options:
>   ./configure --enable-4meg-pages --enable-plugins --enable-cpu-level=6 
> --enable-fast-function-calls --enable-global-pages --enable-readline 
> --enable-all-optimizations --enable-vbe --enable-mmx --enable-3dnow 
> --enable-sse=2 --enable-daz --enable-sep --enable-x86-debugger --enable-cdrom 
> --enable-iodebug --with-x --with-x11 --with-gnu-ld 

Thanks. I've now built bochs-2.1 (relased some week ago), with the
above configuration. For my earlier attempts I used Robert Millan's
debian package bochs-1.4pre2-1.

I still use genext2fs to create a floppy image (I prefer not having to
use root privs for development). And there's some good news, I now get
to the message wortel: error: Some modules are missing. So it seems I
finally have all of boch/grub/laden/l4 set up and running properly!

For the record, I use pistachio-0.3, configured for 586, with default
load addresses. I use a sigma0 with a modified load address as
described in the hurd-l4 README.

Thanks for the help,

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