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Re: Creating a floppy image for bochs

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Re: Creating a floppy image for bochs
Date: 18 Jan 2004 21:18:02 +0100
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Jeroen Dekkers <address@hidden> writes:

> > address@hidden (Niels M?ller) writes:
> > 
> >   00011780735i[CPU  ] MOV_CdRd: (CR4) write of 0x00000010 not supported!
> >   00011780736i[CPU  ] MOV_RdCd: read of CR4
> >   00011780738i[CPU  ] MOV_CdRd: ignoring write to CR4 of 0x00000080
> >   00011780738i[CPU  ] MOV_CdRd: (CR4) write of 0x00000080 not supported!
> >   00011780742p[CPU  ] >>PANIC<< exception(): 3rd exception with no 
> > resolution
> You probably selected i686 as CPU and that uses CPU features not
> supported by bochs.  Choosing Pentium1 should work.

Is CR4 some new fancy register?

Anyway you're right about my configuration. Now I've recompiled
pistachio, with CONFIG_CPU_IA32_I586. But that doesn't help much (it
crashes before it gets to the kernel). Do I have to give any special
flags to gcc when compiling laden and friends?

I'm using gcc-3.3.2, configured and built on a K7 with no special
options. I'm getting confused, I thought gcc on x86 by default
generated only code that is valid on all variants from 386 and up.


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