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Re: L4-Hurd; wortel's missing modules; was: (autoreconf errors)

From: Johan Rydberg
Subject: Re: L4-Hurd; wortel's missing modules; was: (autoreconf errors)
Date: Sun, 18 Jan 2004 20:58:09 +0100

Marcus Brinkmann <address@hidden> wrote:

: You claim to have read the design docs, but either you haven't, or you
: didn't understand them (which wouldn't be a tragedy, it's not at all easy,
: and they are not written to be easy understandable either!).  So please refer
: back to them and ask questions about them if you don't see why that is
: explained there.

I can not say I've focused too much on the parts of the documentation that
relate to device drivers.  Since I mostly hacked on physmem, I put energy
mostly into that chapter.

: I am not sure if Johan forgot all this or if I never told him, but I think I
: already figured out most of these details when we last worked ont his stuff.
: The problem for me is to get time to finish libhurd-cap, which is of utmost
: importance and, sadly, quite a challenge.  However, I am quite determined to
: do it in February.

I must admit that I have almost forgot everything about it.  But I suspect
that as soon as I start to poke through the code I wrote, it will come back
to me.  At least I hope so.

It is good to hear that you'll return to hurd-l4 hacking.  I've promised 
Marco to do the same.  I just home that I do not get too busy with school
and GUSS (I suppose I'm more or less "forced" to work on GUSS, now that it's
a GNU package and all -- not that I mind working on it, though.)

Johan Rydberg, Free Software Developer, Sweden
http://rtmk.sf.net | http://www.nongnu.org/guss/

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