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Re: L4-Hurd; wortel's missing modules; was: (autoreconf errors)

From: Niels Möller
Subject: Re: L4-Hurd; wortel's missing modules; was: (autoreconf errors)
Date: 18 Jan 2004 18:46:58 +0100
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"Christopher Nelson" <address@hidden> writes:

> This is the problem.  For Pistachio-0.3 the kernel needs to be moved
> around a bit.

Exactly how and where do you move it? I've moved sigma0 to 0x40000
(using --with-s0-linkbase). It was a little hard figure out how to
move the kernel, at last I found the file
kernel/src/platform/pc99/linker.lds, with the line

  _start_text_phys = 0x00100000 + 0x200;

is this the right place to change the start address? With 0x100000 and
0x400000 laden tries to start the kernel, and then the system crashes.
With 0x200000, laden displays an error message about overlapping
memory regions, and gives up.

Do you have a working list of load addresses for the various modules?


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