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RE: L4-Hurd; wortel's missing modules; was: (autoreconf errors)

From: Christopher Nelson
Subject: RE: L4-Hurd; wortel's missing modules; was: (autoreconf errors)
Date: Fri, 16 Jan 2004 08:25:17 -0700

>   I still have the wortel: error: Some modules are missing error, but
>   the compile went fine.
>Could you post the output? Not all of it though, just the 
>relevant parts; usually the compile line, and any errors after that.

I'm sorry, I wasn't clear enough.  The compile and link now go fine when
I use the most recent autoconf and automake.  However, after setting up
the boot environment, laden loads, kernel loads, sigma0 loads, wortel
loads, and then wortel gives me an error saying: wortel: error: Some
modules are missing.  

I could give you the rest of the messages after wortel starts, but
they're just add_unused_area messages.  The same thing happens with a
patched Pistachio-0.2 and a normal Pistachio-0.3.  Thank you so much for
all of your help, I appreciate it quite a bit.  Any clues what I'm doing
wrong now?  I'm using Grub 0.93, btw, to load.


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