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L4-Hurd; compile errors, resolutions, and questions

From: Christopher Nelson
Subject: L4-Hurd; compile errors, resolutions, and questions
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 15:47:44 -0700

    I have managed to get L4-Hurd to compile, but I had to edit pretty
much all of the Makefile's to read as in my previous e-mail.  Another
issue I had was errno.  The library include string was very messed up.  

It read -lgcc ../libc-parts/libc-parts.a
Where it should have been -l gcc -L../libc-parts -lc-parts

        Also, the #include <errno.h> was including the Linux system's
errno and not the errno included in the libc-parts.  Not sure why this
is happening, other than it's pretty standard behavior for a C-compiler.
I would assume that generally you are supposed to setup your dist so
that it sees the L4-Hurd libs as the system?  Or are you supposed to
compile L4-Hurd from Mach-Hurd?  I had to comment out the errno.h
include and manually specify that errno was extermn, or else redirect
the include to ../libc-parts/errno.h manually.  These are all hacks, so
I'm guessing that something with my development environment is not what
it should be.

        Currently wortel says that there are some modules missing.  Not
sure why, or what, but I'm doing everything in the README.  So I've
decided to try and get it running with Pistachio-0.3.  I had to move the
base address up to 0x200000 in order to get it to boot (laden and
Pistachio-0.3 overlap).  It gives me the same error with wortel: error:
Some modules are missing.  

        Any pointers on what I might be doing wrong?


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