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Re: l4-ka, c++!

From: Max Laier
Subject: Re: l4-ka, c++!
Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2003 03:40:34 +0100

s>      I have heard that hurd will discontinue current
s> hurd-l4, and switch to l4-ka,but l4-ka is written in
s> c++, maybe, for developing and researching ,it's 
s> convenient, but for a practical OS, do you think it 
s> will degrade efficiency? 
s>      Any idea?

First off, baseing an OS on a c++ micro kernel, does not mean that
you have to write the (full) OS in c++ as well.

Then, what do you mean by efficiency:
1) Code maintance is more efficient with OO (they say).
2) Object code execution efficency for OO (in contrast to plain C -
   WYCIWYG) depends on the compiler. If you manage to compile your OS
   on the intel compiler for instance, I think you will get pretty good
   efficiency on a p4 e.g. (gcc has improved as well, afaik)
3) Driver support and porting efforts will suffer, however, as you
   will have to touch every and any driver (be it from Linux, *BSD or
   wheresoever) and punch it into an object API. Still, once you have
   done the task, you can maintain your drivers and hardware res. more
   cleanly (a well designed API provided).

And last of all, l4 == l4-ka (or am I just missing some information

Best regards,
 Max                            mailto:address@hidden

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