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Re: L4::Pistachio 0.3 and Bochs

From: Apurva Mehta
Subject: Re: L4::Pistachio 0.3 and Bochs
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 12:36:00 +0530
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* Ludovic Courtès <address@hidden> [06-11-2003 12:29]:
> Hi,
> 2 days, 5 minutes, 47 seconds ago, 
> Espen Skoglund wrote:
> > These config files should be located under the configs/ directory on
> > the demo disk.
> It turns out that the demo disk I was able to run was the 0.2 one.
> Using the 0.3 demo disk, I am only able to run the i586 version: with
> the i686 version, I get the pingpong IPC menu, but then nothing more
> gets displayed (the i686 version of the 0.2 demo disk did work fine,
> though).
> The same goes with the binary distribution for 0.3
> (pistachio-ia32-0.3.tar.bz2): the pingpong demo doesn't work if I use
> the i686 kernel.
> So the conclusion is: using an i586 kernel is the safest way to make
> sure Bochs can handle it.

Well, the i586 kernel for me is slightly different. I don't get
those spinning characters but I do get an 'exception caught' message
for any option I choose.


        - Apurva

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