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RE: deferred cancellation of ipc

From: Volkmar Uhlig
Subject: RE: deferred cancellation of ipc
Date: Tue, 14 Oct 2003 16:00:35 -0700

After reading your initial scenario again there is a rather simple
solution--use zero timeouts.  Instead of storing the cancel flag you
store the intended send timeout value, which could be zero.  Of course
you still run into a race on MP if you don't use some synchronization
primitive, but that is a different issue you have to deal with anyway.  
This solution assumes that you _only_ want to ensure that the thread
does not block.

> Or does maybe stopping a thread on another CPU count as 
> preemption and is also delayed?

Sorry, but I don't get what you mean.  What is "stopping"; exregs?

- Volkmar

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