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Re: wortel problems

From: Espen Skoglund
Subject: Re: wortel problems
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 16:46:35 +0200

[Johan Rydberg]
> The memory pools look sane to me:

> s0: Free memregion structures: 16
> s0:
> s0: Free pool (conventional memory):
> s0:  0x00004000-0x00004fff   0xffffffff (anythread)
> s0:  0x000c3000-0x000fffff   0xffffffff (anythread)
> s0:  0x00181000-0x00215fff   0xffffffff (anythread)
> s0:  0x00217000-0x0028ffff   0xffffffff (anythread)
> s0:  0x002cd000-0x002cffff   0xffffffff (anythread)
> s0:  0x002d2000-0x002fffff   0xffffffff (anythread)
> s0:  0x0030a000-0x0034ffff   0xffffffff (anythread)
> s0:  0x00357000-0x03f76fff   0xffffffff (anythread)
> s0:
> s0: Free pool (non-conventional memory):
> s0:  0x002d0000-0x002d1fff   0xffffffff (anythread)
> s0:
> s0: Alloc pool:
> s0:  0x00000000-0x00003fff   0x00034001 (kernel)
> s0:  0x00005000-0x000c2fff   0x00034001 (kernel)
> s0:  0x00100000-0x00180fff   0x00034001 (kernel)
> s0:  0x00216000-0x00216fff   0x000bc001 (root server)
> s0:  0x00290000-0x002ccfff   0x000bc001 (root server)
> s0:  0x00300000-0x00309fff   0x000bc001 (root server)
> s0:  0x00350000-0x00356fff   0x000bc001 (root server)

The pool doesn't look very sane to me.  Where is sigma0's memory? 

> Dumping the ptable gives the following information:

> 01000000 [0005e001]: tree=c005e000
> 01000000 [01000002]:   phys=01000000  map=c004f3d0   4KB rwx (~~~) user
> 01001000 [01001002]:   phys=01001000  map=c004f3dc   4KB rwx (~~~) user
> ...
> 013fe000 [013fe002]:   phys=013fe000  map=c006240c   4KB rwx (~~~) user
> 013ff000 [013ff002]:   phys=013ff000  map=c0062418   4KB rwx (~~~) user
> bf000000 [00050001]: tree=c0050000
> bf000000 [0004e182]:   phys=0004e000  map=bf000000   4KB rwx (RWX) user
> ..

I assume that this is the page table of the destination space, right?

It seems that you are observing some "interesting" behaviour here?  Is
it possible for me to try this setup so that I can try to figure out
what is going on?


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