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Re: wortel problems

From: Espen Skoglund
Subject: Re: wortel problems
Date: Wed, 1 Oct 2003 18:37:29 +0200

[Johan Rydberg]
> But I really don't know why it shows up as kernel memory.

What bootloader are you using?  Your own?

> I've written a test case that triggers the problem.  The problem,
> for you, I guess is that it uses hurd-l4/libl4 headers.  And the
> PowerPC patches to laden+wortel hasn't yet been applied.

> Maybe it would be easier for you to just look at the test case, and
> write one of your own using "your" headers and libraries.  What it
> does it simply requests any page of size (1 << 24) from sigma0.

Well, I haven't got a PowerPC to try this on.  Everything seems to
work fine on ia32 and ia64, though.  I've attached a simple root task
that grabs all memory from sigma0 using L4_Sigma0_GetAny().  This
works for both ia32 and ia64.


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