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Bugs in laden (?)

From: Bas Wijnen
Subject: Bugs in laden (?)
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 23:52:26 +0200
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A bit sooner than I promised, I'm back again.  I didn't read all the source
code yet, but I did finish the L4 specification (except the non-ia32
architecture specifics) and I started reading the code from cvs to get used
to how L4 works.  I've just read the source of laden to see if I can
recognize anything from the specification in it.

And of course I keep my eyes open for bugs.  I think I've found some.  If I'm
right, then fix them, if not then tell me why not ;-)

- file laden/ia32-cmain.c, line 261-266 is:

      if (mbi->mem_lower & 0x2ff)
        panic ("Lower memory end address 0x%x is unaligned",
      if (mbi->mem_upper & 0x2ff)
        panic ("Upper memory end address 0x%x is unaligned",

I think both checks should be with (1 << 10) - 1 = 0x3ff, not 0x2ff.  On
lines 247-248 (1 << 10) - 1 is used by the way, perhaps it would be nice to
use the same notation in both places.

- file laden/laden.c, line 132 says (in the help text):
"  -r, --reboot      reboot the system at error\n",
while line 174 (the implementation of the option) says:
else if (!strcmp (argv[i], "-r") || !strcmp (argv[i], "--reset"))
These should be equal (reset or reboot)

Bas Wijnen

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