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From: Etienne Robillard
Subject: auth.idl
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 21:53:07 -0400 (EDT)

Hi Hackers,

on implementing the auth module (currently running on
mach_port_t and all) in idl4 grammar with L4
ipc/syscalls. Question is how the relationship between
mach_port_t would affect l4_threadid_t and folks ?

The following is not currently appropriate for any of
the Hurd/Mach RPC device or L4 syscalls:

module auth { /* this is the generic auth module
implementation for Hurd */ 
interface auth_getids /* generic api for _ids */ 
int l4_ids_t([out] static l4_threadid_t ids_t, [out]
&idarray_t /* some foo here je je */);

This is only a partial implementation of the auth.def
interface - but since the module is so small; it may
be easier to port with l4_* components. It does use
the idl4 fast compiler and is expected to be loaded as
a root_task/clan_ipc ;)

The brackets are for compatibility with DCE/DICE.  



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/* experimental (and partial too) reincarnation of the 'Hurd' auth server on 
the L4 microkernel. It should be loaded as the root_task .. I need to know 
however the exact translation (idl grammar of the auth server on L4) that is 
required in order to get the module functionning ( or at least to compile! ) 
please no flame. */

module auth {
interface auth_getids 
int get_ids([out] static l4_threadid_t ids_t, [out] &idarray_t);

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