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Hurdish salt and L4eeesh peppers

From: Etienne Robillard
Subject: Hurdish salt and L4eeesh peppers
Date: Wed, 26 Feb 2003 16:34:35 -0500 (EST)

Hello everyone,

I am trying to 'build' l4-(fiasco)-hurd (duh) on a
FreeBSD system. How fun that could be ... anyway :-)

1. First of all, which '--target' should we refer to ?
Is it okay to use i386-linux-gnu (which is not quite
my definition of platform independent, but anyway,  )
- what about i386-gnu ? 

2. Crossgcc. This is quite a difficult task for me,
gnubie. Do we need --multilib ABI's support or not ? 
(as for L4, for example... ). For crossgcc, I relay on
binutils- . Do we need garbage collection or
not ? 

3. Sigma0 and RMGR. How are they interacting with the
Hurd ? Same for Linux DDE... Have you guys checked the
L4Linux API ? pmap.c ?   

4. Is there any documentations about how IPC's works
in the Hurd ? What about threading ?  

5. Any plans for including Parrot into the Hurd ? 

6. KIP and the Hurd ? In Fiasco, is there some options
that would not be compatible for world-domination ?
(i.e: 'Small user space', or else ?)

Ah well, thats all for now.I guess I will not skip
tonight Voyager's episode..I just love sevenof9 :-D

Eat cookies !


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