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Re: currency based virtual memory

From: Neal H. Walfield
Subject: Re: currency based virtual memory
Date: 07 Nov 2002 16:51:03 -0500
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> > Well, it should not swap everything out.  But if you really way to,
> > then I imagine you would have to ask someone else to wake you up.
> That brings up another issue I wanted to ask about before. What if a
> process doesn't give back RAM to the system when the memory manager
> asks it to? Your slides say that the memory manager can decide to
> revoke all mappings (which is more or less the same thing as killing
> the process, right?).

Almost: the VMM does not know how to kill a process gracefully.

> I find it a little scary that processes that miss a memory-return
> deadline will be killed with no mercy. Will they even get the chance
> to dump core?

The problem is the VMM does not know about the underlying OS
personalities.  One approach would be to send a notification to a task
in the OS personality that could handle the situation gracefully.  It
could decide to force a core dump or send it to swap or whatever.

> A better alternative might be to swap out the process.
[ snip ]

I just think that the VMM is the wrong place for this.  The OS
personality should worry about these things since it is the one
setting the policy anyway.

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