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Re: auth handshake and rendevouz objects

From: Neal H. Walfield
Subject: Re: auth handshake and rendevouz objects
Date: 05 Nov 2002 13:56:44 -0500
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> I know I am vague.

That is the essence of what we came up with.

> Maybe Neal can fill in the details, or we can certainly
> recover them by a bit of thinking.  It took us a couple of minutes to work
> it out in full detail, so it's not too hard.

We decided the latter was better, however, it still has a corner case
that we need to worry about: A contacts the server asking it to move a
reference to B.  The server acknowledges and sets up the appropriate
structures.  A informs B of the handle id and immediately exits before
B can claim the handle.  This also causes the server to get a task
death notification for A which triggers it to clean up A's handles
including the reference for B since the copy is still owned by (and
charged to) A.  Thus, when B proceeds to do an accept, the handle is

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