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From: Johannes Rohr
Subject: Re: VMM
Date: 15 Oct 2002 16:51:35 +0200
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Marcus Brinkmann <address@hidden> writes:


> and abstract point of view here.  A German newspaper had a project running
> before election, where you could invest into shares of the political
> parties.  After the election, you would get a percentage of the total money
> on the market according to the result in the election (eg, if the shares for
> Green party where traded at 8.3 EUR, and the result for the Green party would 
> be
> 8.5%, it would be to your advantage to buy shares).
> The results were pretty good.  Despite the total mess of this year's
> election, the general trends and approximate percentages where predicted
> correctly by the market.  The results had been even better in earlier
> projects like this.


> If the theory is correct (under which conditions?), then it mightbe feasible
> to have a distributed VM system with an economic market model.  There could
> be a price for pages, and the price might change depending on the demand.
> Of course, thinking this through requires a lot of more work.  But it is an
> interesting idea nevertheless, I think.

Although I'm totally unqualified to deliver any comments on the
technical aspects of this idea, I think you have to take into
consideration that the most important "code" in the trading system you
described is the human mind. I assume that emulating the way the
latter one works would be unimaginably complicated, if not impossible.


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