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Re: Licensing Issues

From: Tom Hart
Subject: Re: Licensing Issues
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 17:18:42 -0500
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Neal H. Walfield wrote:
Anyway, the code is not important; the ideas are.  The code that I
wrote was mostly bootstrap code; nothing terribly innovative as I just
did not have enough time.  The ideas are, in the very least,
applicable to other projects too: for instance, a refinement of the
IPC abstractions and the start of a design for a VMM more inline with
multiserver concepts.

So, the plan is no longer to build a Mach-like layer on top of L4 that will provide synchronous message passing, etc.? I saw a reference to such a layer called libmom (Microkernel Object Model) in the L4-Hurd archives.

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