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booting, bochs l4ka

From: Matthew Sackman
Subject: booting, bochs l4ka
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 21:58:41 +0100
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Hi all.

My head is still spinning with the different versions of L4, all the
different documentation and everything else so I apologise if a) this is
the wrong place to post, b) if this has been covered before (and c)
if I'm just being plain thick).

My problem is getting L4ka to boot in bochs. I've been following the
instructions at http://home.kamp.net/home/farid.hajji/l4ka-bochs/ and at
and I have bochs working to the point where grub presents me with

Now my reading of things is that:
i) L4ka is the actual microkernel. I have therefore got the kernel from
cvs at cvs.l4ka.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/l4ka and compiled appropriately
(I believe)

ii) l4hurd is the hurd translators and servers (and libraries) that are
being adapted for l4 use rather than mach use (I do run HURD on Mach but
am finding L4 a little more confusing).

So by my reckoning, I don't actually need l4hurd until I'm happy that
l4ka is working. So on my disk image, I've copied the x86-kernel that
l4ka created along with the apps compiled binaries and boot directly
from grub.

Do I need any module line at all with grub? How do I get it to run the
root task? At the moment, I'm just telling grub "root (hd0,0)
kernel /x86-kernel"

It then dies with:
49569899 >> 49569899 0f49569899 4349569899 : (INVALID OPCODE)

which may well me because it was compiled with gcc 2.95.4. I'll get the
latest 3.0 version ASAP.

The other reason for posting is that the guide at
http://home.kamp.net/home/farid.hajji/l4ka-bochs/ says that one needs to
patch l4ka with the patch
http://home.kamp.net/home/farid.hajji/l4ka-bochs/l4-ka.patch.gz but this
doesn't apply at all, and looks like it's very out of date. Are changes
still needed to get it to work properly with bochs, or are all of the
changes now committed into cvs?

Also, the same page says to use bochs 2000_0325a which is a completely
different version numbering system than the current which seems to be
at 1.4. Does one still need to use this (old?) version of Bochs, or do
the newer versions work too?

Many thanks for your help, I'm sorry if this seems dumb but I really am
confused with all the different parts of l4ka and l4hurd. As soon as I
get all of this working, I am going to put together a complete guide to
setting up bochs with l4ka, combining all of the above resources. That's
*if* I get it working, and understand why!

(Hardware is PIII 500, running Debian GNU/Linux 'woody' with 2.4.18



Matthew Sackman

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