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Re: To Do List and who is working on ...

From: Laurent Mallet
Subject: Re: To Do List and who is working on ...
Date: 10 May 2002 19:08:04 +0200

Hi farrid and Zeno,

> > A leader must organize each group.
> Very urgent would be to find volunteers who are willing to code :-).
> Everything else can be managed in the l4hurd project at savannah.
> But we need coders right now. We have finally enough tools to
> get started (except Pistachio of course), but no-one really
> committed to help yet.
Yes, i want volunteers too. But how they coud join us quickly? 
1/ We definitivey need documention to discover and write some L4 code.
So i begin to write a guide to install grub, hazelnut and chacmos in
french. I need somebody to help to translate me(i could begin but
somebody need to correct my faults). The format is latex...
Then i continue a l4hacking guide with the discover of chacmos...

2/ We need prove that it is not a dead project with a better visibily.
Nobody wants make resumes of Mailing List debats and someone else
create a more funny website? 

3/ I have bought www.l4hurd.org domain (it is easier!!!) and redirect it
to the homepage.
It must work. try it!



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