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To Do List and who is working on ...

From: Laurent Mallet
Subject: To Do List and who is working on ...
Date: 09 May 2002 15:43:09 +0200

Hi l4 and hurd hackers,

i have discover with google this good page that shows us a todo list for
L4-Hurd :
It seems very instersting and it must placed with some rewritting on the
official web site i think. For this todo list, i think we could organize
us and defines workgroups (tasks and who could work on it).

I present the groups needed :
- a webmaster who post webpages
- a writer who could post on the website a resume of L4 activity and
Mailing List
- a documentation group
- a hurd developpers group who study and define the hurd code that is to
rewritte and how
- a server group with some memory server's subgroup & a boot server's
subgroup & a thread server's subgroup & a port server's group and so...

A leader must organize each group.

But the most urgent is a webmaster to organize a better communication
and define groups on the website.


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