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Re: [U]VM subsystem for L4 X.2 (and later)

From: Jeroen Dekkers
Subject: Re: [U]VM subsystem for L4 X.2 (and later)
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 17:19:02 +0100
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On Mon, Mar 18, 2002 at 04:29:13PM +0100, Farid Hajji wrote:
> libl4user would need to provide (among others):
>   * vm_*() syscalls, implemented as IPCs to the [u]vmserver
>     [I'd prefer that we factor out a libuvm library though...]
>   * port_*() syscalls, implemented as IPCs to a portserver
>   * glue code between l4 threads and pthreads you're working on.

Stubs, not glue code. The actual glue will just go into sysdeps/l4.

>   * <add suggestions here>

Looking at libmachuser, there is also:
* All syscalls
* device_*()
* processor_*()
* host_*()
* task_*()

I think the L4 equivalents of this should also go in libl4user.

Jeroen Dekkers
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