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Re: [U]VM subsystem for L4 X.2 (and later)

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: Re: [U]VM subsystem for L4 X.2 (and later)
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 16:10:33 +0100 (CET)

> > If someone is intersted in helping with '[u]vmserver', please coordinate
> > with me. I didn't start any coding yet (still studying UVM code), but
> > I plan to start as soon as I have clear enough understanding of how
> > UVM, pmap and the rest of the system fits together.
> I'm certainly interested in it, but I'm not sure I've time to help
> coding. Posting to the list where you are busy with and using savannah
> to store your code should be enough to avoid duplication of work I
> think. It certainly nice to see something happen after such a long
> time of only discussing.

I'm planing to play with OSKit's UVM library a little bit before I start
coding the uvmserver/L4{X.2}. Right now, I'm still learning how UVM/NetBSD
works in detail. Since this is a complex piece of code, it will take some
time ;). I'm using UVMHIST to trace through the code and it's very, very

> I'm still busy with pthreads, it's making steady progress. I'm feeling
> me a bit familiar with the glibc code now. Maybe I can write some of
> the library code needed for L4. If I'm right libhurduser and
> libmachuser will be splitted out of glibc. Does that mean we need a
> libl4user?

Probably yes. Because we need to implement Mach functionality as userspace
L4 tasks+libraries ([u]vmserver, portserver, devices), it seems natural
at first glance to encapsulate the services provided by those l4 servers
into libl4user. Hmmm...

> Jeroen Dekkers


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