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Re: ANNOUNCE: Hurd on L4 project setup at Savannah

From: Ian Duggan
Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE: Hurd on L4 project setup at Savannah
Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 15:08:40 -0800

> Maybe off-topic, but...
> The page on www.freesoftware.fsf.org has a link to my personal page,
> as well as other L4-Hurd related pages, but I'll have to stop my
> server really soon (i.e. the link will be invalid, unfortunately). So
> I'd suggest that you remove the link, or copy the page to somewhere
> else (if it is still useful, though I don't think so).

Definitely on topic. I didn't want to include your stuff on the page
before I'd had a chance to ask you about it. I was trying to collect
everything together in one place when I included your link.

Is it ok then if I copy the information on your page to the L4Hurd

-- Ian

Ian Duggan                    address@hidden

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