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Re: new l4-hurd.html (was: OSKit-Mach documentation)

From: Zeno Gantner
Subject: Re: new l4-hurd.html (was: OSKit-Mach documentation)
Date: 18 Feb 2002 19:35:02 +0100

Am Son, 2002-02-17 um 23.16 schrieb Jeroen Dekkers:
> AFAICS OSKit-Mach is nowhere mentioned on the webpage. It would be
> nice if users could somewhere find documentation about it. I've seen
> some new webpages about OSKit-Mach and L4 a long time ago. But the
> people busy with it stopped developing. I've not yet searched the
> archive to find them (I don't have much time this week either :( ),
> but can we put them on the GNU webpage if we find them? If we can't
> find them we could write something about it at least.

I've done a new version of l4-hurd.html.
There is also a new file called l4-hurd-todo.html.

You can find them here:

I'd be happy if someone could put them on the Hurd web site.
The file there is not so up to date (more than one year old).
There is no link from e.g. hurd.html (which is IMO ok), but I
think the new version should also be placed there because the
location is often (well ... let's say quite often) referenced 
throughout the Web.

Please review it (everyone who feels responsible here)
Some more specific questions:

(1) To the GNU web people:
  - Is the format ok? It's HTML 4.01 transitional and passes
    the w3c validator checks.
  - (c) by FSF. I know I have to send you some text claiming
    that I transfer the copyright for the file to the FSF.
    Where can I find that?
(2) To the L4-hurd people:
  - Is it ok?
  - Are statements given still valid (and correct), or did I
    miss something?
  - Are there already 4MB super pages supported by Bochs?
    (I will try it out the next days if nobody knows ...)
  - What do you think about the strucure of the document?
  - Are there interesting articles/manuals/programs I did
    not mention?
  - What about the Savannah/SourceForge issue?
    I know there is a sf project site, but there's nothing
    on it. I personally have not-so-good feelings about
    Is such a project site needed at the moment?
    (I think the mailing list is enough atm)
    If yes, will it be on Savannah or SF or somewhere else?
    Should I split up the file and put the pieces to a
    project site?
  - Farid, is there a more up-to-date TODO list?
 (3) To native English speakers:
  - Are there any mistakes?

see you,

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