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Re: L4 meets the Hurd at the Congress in Berlin

From: Horst Wenske
Subject: Re: L4 meets the Hurd at the Congress in Berlin
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 00:45:42 +0100

>>>>> On Mon, 31 Dec 2001 19:42:33 +0100, Moritz Schulte <address@hidden> said:
MS> Hi there,
MS> the CCC congress was fun for me, I hope for the others, too.

Yes, the 18. CCC congress was really great. Interesting talks, workshops and nice people.

Not only
MS> that there were some Hurd people, but also two L4 hackers from
MS> Karlsruhe.  Neal had his really nice talk on the Hurd and after that
MS> the L4 people talked spontaneouslly a bit about L4.

The slides of my talk should be soon available on the 18c3 web page. You can find the slides also here: http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~uj22/L4_meets_HURD.pdf

Whether or not SawMill is "dead" is more a matter of nomenclature than
anything else. The project goals have moved considerably, for example
it is no longer married to Linux source. SawMill activities have also
mostly moved from IBM to Karlsruhe. The revised focus will probably
justify a name change.

Nice to know. As far as I have known SawMill is a frozen/dead (nomenclature?) project and people I know, who are working at SawMill in the moment, have given me the same impression. But I am not involved deeply with the SawMill project and Gernot knows much better than me what is planned for the future.

In any case we see the Hurd as a potentially very interesting
application of L4. However we haven't analysed the issues thoroughly
enough yet to be able to determine how well the Hurd is suited to
be a good demonstration of L4 capabilities.

I have got a GNU HURD cd set from a HURD developer (thanks!) and will try a HURD installation to get more familiar with it. Before the CCC congress I have not heard of L4 HURD and have known almost nothing about HURD.

MS> o He wants to convince the IDL4 hacker to release it.

No convincing necessary. IDL4 will be released when it's ready for

This answer is not really helpful for the HURD guys.
There are serveral open questions I want to ask Andreas, who is in my opinion the only guy, who can really answer this questions:
1) What is the planned licence for idl4 (GPL?)
2) Is there a planned idl4 release date?
3) How far is the new idl4 compiler compatible with the old idl4 stubs of chacmOS (chacmOS was released July 2000 - we used an old idl4 version) 4) Is it possible to add an old idl4 version or some sort of pre-release of idl4 to chacmOS (not all idl4 features are needed), so that the HURD guys can build new servers and play around with the system.


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