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2nd release of L4Ka/Hazelnut

From: Uwe Dannowski
Subject: 2nd release of L4Ka/Hazelnut
Date: Fri, 14 Dec 2001 22:02:33 +0100

Hi L4 hackers and users,

after a long wait it's again time to announce a new release of

L4Ka/Hazelnut still implements the L4 Version X.0 API on x86 and ARM
processors.  This time around, however, it outperforms Jochen's x86
assembly kernel.  Parts of the kernel have also been redesigned for
better portability.

Among the goodies added since the last release are:

  o Small Address Spaces
  o IPC FastPath(tm)
  o FPU virtualization
  o Enhanced kernel debugger (e.g., embedded disassembler and
    profiling support)
  o Pentium4 support
  o One year's worth of bugfixes

For more information please visit http://l4ka.org/.

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