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FYI: German book about Mach 2.5/3.0

From: Zeno Gantner
Subject: FYI: German book about Mach 2.5/3.0
Date: 11 Nov 2001 19:48:31 +0100

Ch. Zimmermann, A.W. Kraas:
Mach - Konzepte und Programmierung
Springer 1993

The book is divided into two parts, first
there is an introduction to the Mach concepts,
afterwards it is more specific.

short summary:

Part I - Basics (~ 50 p.)
  operating system basics (general)
     files, memory, processes, i/o,
     logical structure of an OS, distributed
  Mach concepts
     overview; threads/tasks; ports/messages;
     vm: memory manager, vm objects;
     virtual hardware: processors, processor sets,
     hosts, devices
Part II (~ 100 p.)
    - every chapter with example(s) -
  message-based IPC (APIs, protocols)
  vm system
  external memory managers
  application example: an object server
  Mach 2.5 vs. 3.0: structural differences and
                    from the programmer's view
  (I haven't ever touched Mach 2.5, but if I understood
   it correctly, most of the concepts of the current Mach
   were already available in this monolithic version)

I haven't done anything practical with this book until now,
but I will report any experience to this list ;-).
The parts I've read are quite understandable, and the second
part seems very usable to me - but I haven't verified it yet.

I don't think this book is still sold, nor it will be re-published.
But if there is one at your local university library - check it out.


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