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Re: tftp problems

From: Frank Mehnert
Subject: Re: tftp problems
Date: Mon, 5 Nov 2001 11:06:49 +0100

On Sunday 04 November 2001 03:50, Ian Duggan wrote:

> It gets as far as retrieving rmgr via tftp (I see it get requested in the
> logs), but the machine reboots itself as it is loading the rmgr image. It
> prints out the "[Multiboot-elf blah blah" stuff and does a reboot before
> anything related to x86-kernel is printed to the screen. This happens very
> quickly.
> If I move the first two files to the boot floppy I am using, things boot
> fine. This config works:

A well know bug: Older releases of GRUB (including our own grub version
on os.inf.tu-dresden.de) have problems when seeking back a file which
comes from tftp.

Bugfix: Upgrade to the latest GRUB release in CVS.

Workaround: Strip your kernel image (rmgr): strip rmgr. When stripping
your image, GRUB doesn't have to seek back the image because there are
no other sections than code and data.


Frank Mehnert
## Dept. of Computer Science, Dresden University of Technology, Germany ##
## E-Mail: address@hidden    http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/~fm3 ##

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