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Re: Old and new L4 APIs (was Re: L4Hurd at Sourceforge)

From: Farid Hajji
Subject: Re: Old and new L4 APIs (was Re: L4Hurd at Sourceforge)
Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 05:13:53 +0100 (CET)

> > If the L4 people could provide us with a coherent view of the current
> > (and upcoming) APIs and C-Bindings, that would be _great_! (hint, hint!)
> The most coherent view on current APIs is available at
> <URL:http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/L4/bib.html>. 
> The L4 people in charge of the new L4 API (the Karlsruhe guys) have
> decided to circulate the upcoming specification in a limited way first
> to keep discussion short and efficient.  They deemed this necessary
> because they felt that the current draft is not self-explanatory
> enough to be consumed by larger audiences without overloading its
> developers with questions.  Let's respect them regarding their
> decision.
No problem ;-). None of us at l4-hurd are competent enough to follow
the discussions read-write. It would have been nice to provide read-only
access to the discussions though [this is educational, after all!], maybe
even later when you guys reach consensus and released V4.

> In the meantime (and in general), I suggest using library APIs that
> will remain unmodified regardless of kernel version.  Please have a
> look at the upcoming L4 environment, which exists now and is
> relatively well documented
> <URL:http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/L4/bib.html#l4env>.  A release is
> forthcoming as soon as the L4Env developers feel that their users
> understand and are comfortable with their libraries.  Try giving them
> this impression!  Or even better: Help them by writing a user's guide
> for L4Env!
Okay, let's wait for L4Env to go public. Thanks for the hint!


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