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Why savannah? (was L4Hurd at Sourceforge)

From: Ian Duggan
Subject: Why savannah? (was L4Hurd at Sourceforge)
Date: Mon, 22 Oct 2001 19:41:50 -0700

> The current code is in the hurd sourceforgetit CVS (created before
> sourceforge went proprietary). I don't have an account there, however I
> have just made a savannah account. If we start a project for l4-hurd at
> savannah, should I include the pthreads code there? (it won't go into
> the official glibc before it's finished and that takes some time). Or
> should I start an own project for pthreads?

As for L4Hurd at savannah, I don't really see what the advantages are. I
took a look at the savannah stuff and there really seems to be a lot
less to work with than at sourceforge. I don't really buy into the
argument that progress on a project should suffer in the name of
everything being completely "free". Aside from sourceforge being owned
by a company, what do people find so offensive about it? I think it's
done wonders for the open source/free software/whatever movement.

I think there is a lot more visibility gained by having a project on
Sourceforge as well. All of the other L4 projects are hosted there and
seem to be doing just fine.

Additionally, I found it extremely confusing that there were Hurd pages
all over the place when I started working with and learning about the
Hurd. I couldn't sort out why there was sourceforge, savannah, and all
the various Gnu pages on it. It's a quagmire.

My experience with Sourceforge has been nothing but good in the past.
People are at the helm answering questions at all times of the day. The
developers will interact with you via email if you like. The setup is
fast and works well.

Lastly, I have already setup stuff at Sourceforge. It seems like
duplicated effort to do it again elsewhere. I was just responding to a
request to this list to setup a project for us to work from one place.
Why diverge?

-- Ian

Ian Duggan                    address@hidden

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