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SC/OS released

From: Christian Ceelen
Subject: SC/OS released
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 19:20:44 +0200

Hi everybody,

SC/OS is a small component-based operating system that runs on top of
L4Ka's Hazelnut microkernel. We released it under GPL because we think
that developers who want to build their own systems might use some
sample code. However, if you need an OS for everyday use, this is
certainly not what you are looking for. The SC/OS system consists of
five basic components (root task with the task server and memory
management, name server, ext2-file server [read only], console server
[simple printf and scanf] and block-device server [IDE still polling] ).
A test client has been included to test the interface. It features a
small shell to ls the root nameserver and any mounted services or
filesystems. To test the console driver just type "tetris" and use the
a,s,d keys to play text-mode tetris. For generating the necessary
communication code, SC/OS relies on the CORBA-based Flick stub

download it at 


Go have fun with our little baby,

Christian Ceelen

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